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Seattle, WA Dentist, Dr. Paul Amato, Enhances Dental Implant Expertise at SPEAR® “All-on-X” Course

Summary: Dr. Paul Amato attends a comprehensive SPEAR® education course, “All-on-X,” covering the leading full mouth dental implant solution. Seattle, WA patients in need of tooth replacement can receive long-term, successful results from a doctor who values continuing education at Dr. Amato’s practice, Amato Dental Group.

Seattle, WA Esteemed cosmetic dentist, Dr. Paul Amato, recently completed an extensive “All-on-X” study club with SPEAR®, the leaders in dental education. This course helped enhance Dr. Amato’s expertise in full mouth dental implants, which he offers as a premium tooth replacement solution at his Seattle, WA office, Amato Dental Group.

With over a dozen dentists and specialists participating, attendees of the SPEAR “All-on-X” course collaborated to expand their knowledge and expertise on full mouth dental implant treatment. Dr. Amato was joined by peers who enhance their education and understanding of general dentistry and dental implant techniques at every opportunity.

The course was held in Phoenix, AZ and was facilitated by periodontist, Dr. Brad Weinstein. Dr. Weinstein guided the conversation, which included:

  • Diagnosing the patient
  • Accurate treatment planning
  • Possible complications and how to avoid them
  • Covering the treatment process from A-Z

Participating in 80-100 hours annually, Dr. Amato will attend the follow-up class to the “All-on-X” course this fall in order to gain an even a deeper understanding of how to best provide this treatment to each of his patients. “The All-on-X Spear Education course gave me a huge base of knowledge to be able to treat these types of patients in my practice comfortably and with expertise,” says Dr. Amato of his experience.

All-on-X is a type of full mouth dental implant treatment that is used for those with extensive tooth loss. With this treatment, dental implants are placed into the jawbone and used to firmly secure a full arch prosthesis of new teeth. The number of implants used in the treatment represents the X in the treatment name and is determined on a case-by-case basis dependent on patient needs. With proper care of these new teeth, patients can enjoy a lifetime of healthy and fully functional use of their mouth.

Dr. Amato works along with Drs. Chris LeCuyer and Lauren Kopp to provide state-of-the-art restorative and cosmetic dentistry to Seattle, WA at Amato Dental Group. This practice helps patients achieve smiles that are not only functional, but attractive and complementary to their overall facial aesthetics. The practice offers many beautiful cosmetic dentistry solutions, including the Bioclear Matrix method, porcelain veneers, Invisalign® and full arch dental implants for those in need of a full mouth tooth replacement option.

Those interested in learning more about dental implants in Seattle, WA can schedule a consultation with Drs. Amato, LeCuyer, or Kopp by contacting the practice at 206-626-5400 or visiting the website at

About the Dentists

Amato Dental Group has brought industry leading cosmetic dentistry treatments to Seattle, WA for over 30 years. Dr. Paul Amato is passionate about his community and offers pro bono dental care through organizations like Jewish Family Services and the King County Dental Society. He actively attends continuing education courses to remain on the leading edge of his field, and has advanced training certifications from prestigious institutions including the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and the Kois Center. Dr. Chris LeCuyer has over 30 years of experience in cosmetic dentistry and has lent his expertise to the Academy of General Dentistry and the American Dental Association. Dr. Lauren Kopp received her Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the University of Washington and regularly participates in continuing education courses to gain skills that will improve her patients’ health. These esteemed cosmetic dentists offer the most advanced treatments including the Bioclear Matrix, Invisalign®, and full arch dental implants. The team at Amato Dental Group is committed to maintaining a standard of excellence in everything they do, providing the highest quality of care and precise results. To learn more about Amato Dental Group and the industry leading cosmetic dentistry services they offer, visit their website at, or call the office at 206-626-5400.

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