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We offer many cosmetic and restorative options for patients looking to improve the look and function of their teeth. By leveraging advanced dental technology, we are able to transform patients’ smiles in less time, at a better cost, and with greater long-term results!

We remain on the forefront of these innovative technologies to provide world-class experiences for our patients and the ability to provide the best possible cosmetic and restorative care at our Seattle, WA office. What don’t you like about your smile? Are there chips, cracks, gaps, or dark triangles between your teeth? Our cosmetic dentists at Amato Dental Group have over 30 years of combined and specialized experience and are equipped with advanced dental technology to provide convenient, minimally-invasive, and high-quality solutions that can improve the aesthetics and function of your smile!

Why Choose Advanced Dental Technology?

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Advanced dental technology helps us provide streamlined and precise care, but our Seattle, WA team isn’t the only one that benefits from these modern solutions! Advanced dental technology greatly benefits our patients by:

  • Significantly reducing treatment times
  • Eliminating functional and cosmetic issues
  • Offering more minimally-invasive alternatives
  • Providing high-quality, long-lasting solutions
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Professional, well-organized, compassionate, and capable staff. Superb! I have been with Dr. Lecuyer for over a decade, mostly for routine dental care, but had a couple of fillings updated and now getting Invisalign. Very happy with care every single time.

John (Actual Patient)

Our Advanced Dental Technology

Making your experience more comfortable and convenient.

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Same-Day Dental Crowns
Our™ In-Office Solution enables us to provide same-day dental crown restorations for patients with functional or cosmetic flaws on their teeth. For patients with teeth that have cavities, damage, or discoloration, we use dental crowns to cover over the tooth to provide structural strength and improve aesthetics. This advanced dental technology drastically improves the restorative process by allowing us to cut treatment time in half, providing patients with natural-looking and long-lasting solutions in just one appointment!
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Bioclear Matrix Restorations
Bioclear restorations are a minimally invasive alternative to porcelain veneers that improve the natural look of teeth, including the dark triangles in between. Three times stronger than dental bonding, Bioclear restorations use an injection molding technique to rejuvenate and strengthen teeth that are damaged, worn, or misshapen. This advanced dental technology significantly improves the natural look and strength of teeth after only one day of treatment, without causing damage to their existing structure!
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iTero Digital IntraOral Scanner
Gone are the days of goopy, uncomfortable impressions. We have ushered in a new wave of convenient, accurate, and state-of-the-art digital impressions. Using our iTero Digital IntraOral Scanner, your dentists can instantly capture 3D images of your teeth and gums. This helps our team see their exact positioning, allowing for more accurate treatment plans and predictable outcomes.
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