Family Dentistry in Seattle, WA

Our team at Amato Dental Group is happy to provide dental care for every member of your family in one convenient location.

Why Family Dentistry?

Quality dental care is all your smile needs.

Close-up of a mouth before receiving care at LeCuyer & Amato Close-up of a mouth after receiving care at LeCuyer & Amato

Finding the right dentist can often take time, so when you find one that makes you feel confident your dental health is in good hands it can be a relief knowing you can come to the same family dentistry practice for everyone in your family to get the dental care they need.

Not only does this make scheduling appointments far more convenient, it also helps our team get to know you and your family better so we can provide higher quality care. From children as young as two years old, we look forward to providing every member of your family with the same quality, comprehensive care in just one office.

A mom showing her son and daughter how to brush their teeth

Comprehensive Family Dentistry for All

Healthy smiles start at day one.

A mom showing her son and daughter how to brush their teeth

Your child’s dental care should start even before their first baby tooth emerges.

At this critical stage, it’s important to start instilling good dental hygiene habits to get them ready for a lifetime of healthy smiles. Once your child is two years old, you should schedule their first dental appointment at our family dentistry practice so we can take a look at their smile and make sure everything is on track.

LeCuyer & Amato is by far the best dental office in Seattle! From the minute you walk in the door, you are greeted with a smile and friendly conversation, and extraordinarily competent hygienists. They educate you as they clean your teeth to the excellent care you receive from the dentists.

Elisabeth (Actual Patient)

Preventative Dentistry

Family dentistry expertise from professionals you can trust.
A dentist reassuring his patient with a hand on her sholder

In many cases, catching and treating a dental concern as early as possible can save the health and integrity of your smile. With preventative dentistry, we can make sure your smile is safe from harmful decay or disease at your regular dental visits.

How often these visits need to be depends on your unique smile, but most patients only need to come into our office once every six months. Because we provide family dentistry in Seattle, WA, you can conveniently schedule these preventative appointments for your whole family with us, making it easier to keep everyone on track for a lifetime of happy, healthy smiles.

A dentist reassuring his patient with a hand on her sholder
We Look Forward to Becoming Part of Your Family
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