Dental Implants in Seattle, WA

The elite tooth replacement solution.

Dental Implants Are a Natural Solution for Missing Teeth

By mimicking the look, feel and function of your natural smile, dental implants can restore your smile…Learn more about our restorative services… to its most natural and healthy state. Our dental crowns…Learn more about dental crowns… for dental implant restorations are professionally milled in-house by our dentists at Amato Dental Group in Seattle, WA…Get directions to our office… for precision and cosmetic perfection.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are quickly becoming the gold standard in tooth replacement to replace anywhere from one missing tooth to a whole mouth of missing teeth. They are a combination of an implant post beneath the gum line, dental crown above the gum line and an abutment piece to attach them together.

The post is implanted into the jaw, replicating the function of tooth roots to provide natural stimulation and promote the health and integrity of the jaw. The dental crown completes your dental implant, replicating the look of your teeth to provide a solution that both looks and feels completely natural.

I had several treatments done at this clinic, including restorative work. From day one, Dr. Amato and Carli were a pleasure to work with. My appointments were always on time, and I was given proper attention and care.

Katya (Actual Patient)

Young woman in a black dress smiling
The Benefits

Look younger and feel healthier with dental implants.

Young woman in a black dress smiling

Because of their ability to stimulate the jaw bone, your dental implants are going to help reverse the effects of tooth and bone loss. Instead of the sagging, aged appearance commonly associated with missing teeth, your smile will look years younger with restored health and function.

Benefits of Dental Implants:

  • Eat, speak and chew normally again
  • Lifelong smile solution with proper care
  • Look, feel and function like natural teeth
  • No slipping, clicking or goopy pastes
  • Prevention of further bone loss, protecting remaining healthy teeth
  • Stability and reliability
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