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At Amato Dental Group, we offer additional dental services in Seattle, WA to address a wide range of smile concerns. From cosmetic to restorative dental solutions, we are here to help meet your unique needs.

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Our dentists are uniquely trained and qualified to provide the following additional dental services to help you achieve your smile goals.

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Occlusal Adjustment
An uneven bite can put stress on your teeth, which may lead to dental damage such as cracks and fractures. Occlusal adjustment is an additional dental service that will even out your bite to protect your smile from harm.
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Oral Pathology Exam
Tumors, cysts and lesions are harmful for your smile, and in rare cases may be indicators of cancer. To keep both your smile and body safe, our dentists can perform an oral pathology exam. This exam is an additional dental service that will detect the cause of your symptoms so we can determine the best treatment plan.
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Teeth Grinding Treatment
Teeth grinding can wear down your teeth and lead to uncomfortable jaw pain. By providing teeth grinding treatment, we can alleviate your discomfort and protect the integrity of your smile.
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Fillings are one of the most common dental treatments. They are used to restore health to a tooth after it has been infected by disease or decay. Our doctors will start by removing the infected portion of the tooth before filling it with a strong, durable material to protect the tooth from further harm.
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Dental inlays and onlays are an additional dental service that may be needed in cases where a filling needs to be replaced. If it is more extensive, you will need a dental onlay, which goes on top of the tooth. A dental inlay is similar to a filling and goes inside the tooth.
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TMJ and Sleep Apnea Treatment
The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) can be a significant source of discomfort if damaged, and sleep apnea is a high-risk condition that has drastic impact on your overall health. To help alleviate your pain, get better sleep and restore health to your body, our dentists offer both TMJ and sleep apnea treatment with appliance therapy. This appliance is designed to position your jaw to limit its movement.

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