Tips to Keep Your Porcelain Veneers Clean

Tips to Keep Your Porcelain Veneers Clean

Many people receive porcelain veneers to recreate the visual aesthetic of natural-looking teeth. In return, veneers are also known to strengthen and protect the tooth’s underlying surface. If properly cared for, porcelain veneers can last a lifetime. Of course, normal wear and tear to the porcelain usually result in a life expectancy of 10 to 15 years. During the lifespan of your veneers, it’s very important to keep them as clean as possible by following these few tips to maintain proper oral hygiene.   

  1. Brush, floss, and rinse as you would your natural teeth.

The veneer itself won’t decay, but your tooth under your veneer can decay and discolor. This will ultimately alter the hue and overall look of the veneer. You’re still at risk for developing gum disease even with veneers. It’s strongly suggested that you use ultra-soft manual or electric toothbrushes so you can thoroughly clean your teeth. You should also, floss and use mouthwash.

  1. Switch to a whitening toothpaste.

Once you receive your veneers the dentist will match the color of your veneer to your original teeth. To maintain its proper shading you should try using a whitening toothpaste, this will help them from becoming stained or discolored.

  1. Floss with caution to prevent breakage.

After your veneers are placed you will more than likely receive instructions on how to correctly brush and floss your teeth so you’ll prevent applying unnecessary pressure to the veneer. Applying this added amount of pressure can lead you to crack or chipping the veneer. Be sure to ask what the best brushing and flossing techniques.   

  1. Limit exposure to tooth-staining foods and drinks.

You should keep the consumption of teeth staining drinks like soda, coffee, tea, and wine to a minimum. On the off chance that you do find yourself eating these foods, try to brush soon after to avoid staining.

  1. Avoid cigarettes and tobacco products.

We all know that we should try to avoid tobacco products in general because it’s bad for our overall health, right? Well, the same can be said in regard to tobacco and your veneers. The nicotine contained in these products is known to weaken and discolor veneers.  

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In addition to following these tips, be sure to visit your dentist for a checkup and cleaning at least every six months. For more dental hygiene tips contact our offices in Seattle, WA to schedule an appointment with Dr. Amato


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