iTero Intraoral Scanner – The Game-Changing Technology in Dentistry

Female patient in a dentist chair with an intraoral scanner

The iTero Intraoral Scanner is changing the game in dentistry and has revolutionized how dentists diagnose and treat their patients.

This state-of-the-art scanner uses digital imaging technology to create highly accurate 3D models of a patient’s teeth and gums, improving diagnosis and treatment.

Imagine no more messy and uncomfortable dental impressions.

Banish the thought of sitting through a long and painful impression procedure at the dentist’s office.

This technology offers a better way to get precise digital impressions of your teeth and gums.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the iTero Intraoral Scanner and its benefits in the following areas:

  • orthodontics
  • restorative dentistry
  • cosmetic dentistry

Whether you’re looking to straighten your teeth, restore a damaged tooth, or enhance your smile, the iTero scanner can help you achieve the best possible results.

So, let’s dive in and discover the power of this game-changing dental tool in dentistry!

How it works

With its advanced laser scanning technology, the iTero scanner can capture thousands of highly detailed images of your teeth and gums in seconds.

These images are then stitched together to create a precise 3D digital model of your mouth, allowing more accurate and effective treatment planning.

And best of all, the iTero scanner is a non-invasive and pain-free way to get a digital impression of your mouth so you can say goodbye to messy impression materials and uncomfortable procedures.

The iTero scanner works by using a wand-like device that is inserted into a patient’s mouth.

The device emits a safe, high-frequency laser that captures highly detailed images of the patient’s teeth and gums.

The scanner takes thousands of pictures per second, then processes and stitches them together using advanced software to create an extremely accurate 3D model of the patient’s mouth.

Advantages of the iTero intraoral scanner

There are many advantages to using the iTero scanner over traditional impression methods. Some of the key benefits include the following:

Improved accuracy

The iTero scanner captures precisely accurate digital impressions of a patient’s mouth, which allows for more precise and effective treatment planning.

There is often room for error with traditional impression methods, and it can take time to get an accurate impression of a patient’s teeth and gums.

Increased comfort

The iTero scanner is a non-invasive and pain-free way to get a digital impression of a patient’s mouth.

Unlike traditional impression methods, which can be uncomfortable and painful, the iTero scanner is a much more comfortable experience for the patient.

Faster turnaround time

The iTero scanner captures digital impressions in real time, meaning the results can be viewed immediately.

This immediacy allows for faster treatment planning and can help reduce the overall treatment time for the patient.

Better patient experience

The iTero scanner is a much more pleasant experience for the patient than traditional impression methods.

Patients no longer need to endure the discomfort of having messy impression materials in their mouths.

They can see the scan results immediately, which can help ease any anxiety or concerns.

Applications of the iTero intraoral scanner

The iTero scanner has a wide range of applications in dentistry. Some of the most common uses include the following:


The iTero scanner is often used in orthodontic treatments to create accurate digital models of a patient’s teeth and gums.

This allows orthodontists to plan and execute treatments with greater precision and effectiveness, such as braces or clear aligners.

Restorative dentistry

The iTero scanner is also used in restorative dentistry, such as in creating

  • dental crowns
  • bridges
  • dental implants

The scanner allows dentists to create highly accurate and customized restorations that fit perfectly in a patient’s mouth.

Cosmetic dentistry

The iTero scanner can also be used in cosmetic dentistry, such as in creating

  • porcelain veneers
  • dental bonding

The scanner allows dentists to create highly precise and natural-looking restorations that blend seamlessly with a patient’s existing teeth.

Final thoughts

Overall, the iTero Intraoral Scanner is a game-changing technology in dentistry.

Its ability to capture highly accurate and precise digital impressions of a patient’s mouth allows for faster treatment planning and a better patient experience.

Whether you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment, restorative dentistry, or cosmetic dentistry, the iTero scanner can help ensure you get the best results.

If you want to learn more about the iTero scanner or schedule an appointment, contact our office today!


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