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Are Dental Crowns Painful?

It may sound painful, but how do you come to terms with the first-hand accounts, of having dental crowns placed, that swear that the process is relatively painless? What about the people who told you it wasn’t just relatively painless; it was almost completely painless. 

Get the facts about dental crowns, the potential for pain during the procedure and the likelihood of experiencing it afterwards.

Pain During

One prick – that’s all the pain so many patients feel when they’re settled into the dentist’s chair for their dental crown placement procedure. That one prick, a shot of lidocaine to numb the tooth area, alleviates all the physical discomfort you’d feel during the procedure so that your dentist can prepare the tooth and cap it with a crown, without fearing you’ll bump his or her hands throughout the process.

Pain Afterwards

For many people, the bulk of the pain and soreness has faded by the time the lidocaine shot has worn off. But for others people, the pain lingers. Your dentist will likely recommend over-the-counter pain medication in case any lingering pain emerges after you’ve left the office and gone about your day.

If you experience significant pain afterwards, your dentist may prescribe you a small supply of more potent painkillers to help manage the discomfort as the pain tapers off.

The Takeaway and Next Steps

For so many people, there is only a negligible amount of pain associated with having dental crowns placed. And for those who experience moderate pain, there’s a staff of medical professionals on hand, or on call if you’ve left the office, to help you shed the pain and start enjoying your new tooth.

When placed by an experienced dentist and staff, you can expect to get a decade or two of out of your crown – the lifespan varies so much because the care you put into your dental hygiene routine will play a major factor in determining how long you’ll get to wear your crown.

Take the next steps in finding out how dental crowns can change your life and just how painless the whole process typically is. Click here to schedule a consultation with an experienced dentist about getting new dental crowns in Seattle, WA. 

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